WARNING: Wax is inflammable and must not be melted over direct heat, so when melting wax it is always necessary to use a double saucepan or tin/basin in a saucepan of water. Never overheat wax. For mixing, remove from heat.

Hand Cream 1: an excellent soothing balm for rough skin or chapped hands and is equally good as a face cream.

Heat 2oz. of pale colour beeswax in a double saucepan: when melted stir in 6oz. liquid paraffin. It will cloud slightly but will clear again as the temperature rises. Allow cooling to 120F.

In another saucepan, slightly heat 4oz. distilled water and stir in one eighth of an ounce of Borax until dissolved. Allow cooling to 120F and then pouring into wax and liquid paraffin the mixture will immediately begin to turn to white. Have containers ready with lids off.

Stir briskly with wooden spoon until mixture thickens and then add scent – say 12 drops of rose essence (not rose water) or other preferred scent. Continue to stir and then place in containers. If it cools rapidly you may have to knife the mixture into the last container.


Hand Cream 2: Heat 7gm. pale colour beeswax and 60ml. almond oil (carrier oil) in a heat resistant bowl. Stir over pan of boiling water until the mixture melts. Remove the bowl from the pan, and SLOWLY add 30ml. flower water or distilled water stirring constantly. Keep stirring while the cream begins to cool, then add 4-6 drops of essential oil. Stir until mixture has thickened, then transfer to sterilised jars. Makes approximately 100ml.