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Northants Bee Keepers Association

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Northants Bee Keepers Association

A member organisation representing beekeepers in the County of Northamptonshire

Further Reading

Those who wish to explore the subject of bees and honey in greater depth will find the following books interesting reading.

“Bees at the Bottom of your Garden” Alan Campion. Alan Campion.

“Bumblebees” Oliver E Prys-Jones & Sarah A Corbet. Cambridgeshire University Press.

“Guide to Bees and Honey” Ted Hooper. Blandford Press.

“Practical Beekeeping” Clive de Bruyn. The Crowood Press.

“Sixty Years with Bees” Donald Sims. Northern Bee Books.

“The World of the Honey Bee” Colin G Butler. Collins.

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The following also supply a selection of beekeeping related books:

First Pasture - Land and Country Books