Honey Toffee





Grease two flat tins with a little butter.

Spread a few chopped glacé cherries and seedless raisins evenly in the tins.

Place tins on flat surface, one that heat will not damage.

Cut the butter into knobs and melt in large thick bottom saucepan over low heat.

Stir in the honey (a wooden spoon is best).

When honey is melted stir in the golden syrup and again when melted , gently stir in the sugar until mixed.

Slightly raise the heat and boil to 280°F or until your usual test shows the toffee to be ready.

Remove saucepan from the heat and after gently stirring pour into tins.

Allow to become cold, then turn out and wrap in waxed paper.


8oz. Honey

1 Dessertspoon Golden Syrup



8oz. Butter

8-12oz. White Granulated Sugar