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Welcome to all those interested in using honey in their cooking. If you have a favourite recipe please share it with us.

Honey gathered from specific nectar sources can have its own distinctive flavour. Generally, light coloured honey has a milder flavour than dark honey, but both contribute to the flavour and texture of cakes etc.

Honey can be substituted for sugar in most recipes. Weight for weight 1lb. of sugar is equivalent to 1¼lb. of honey.


Know your oven. Ovens vary, so times and temperatures given in recipes are for guidance only.

Measuring Honey

1. Using a warm dry spoon, 1 tablespoon = 1oz. = 28 grammes.

2. Using spring scales:

Weigh the jar without the lid.

Note the weight and deduct the amount required for the recipe.

Spoon out the honey until the second weight is reached. The honey spooned out will be the amount required.

3. Using digital scales:

Weigh the container and then zero the scale.

Slowly pour in the honey until the required weight is achieved.

4. Lightly smearing containers and utensils with vegetable cooking oil may help the honey to flow with little adherence.

“Just a note to say well done and how much we enjoy your site particularly your recipes - they are delicious.
. . .  your cake recipe with the sultanas and cherries is particularly to be recommended.”
Theresa T.


“I just wanted to say thank you for the recipes on your website. I have just made a batch of honey biscuits and they are fantastic, they didn’t even have time to cool before my children had eaten most of them.”
Nicola F.

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