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A member organisation representing beekeepers in the County of Northamptonshire

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Association Apiary at East Haddon 2019

The Association Apiary is situated near the village of East Haddon.

We encourage all our members to come to the apiary for the practical teaching sessions which take place on Sunday mornings from 10.30 til noon, from May 12th to September 8th, including Bank Holiday weekends.

The open dates for the Apiary and how to find it are listed below.


If you have a sting allergy NBKA members will be unable to show you our beekeeping techniques at the Association Apiary.


All visitors must come suitably dressed. This means wearing a long sleeved shirt or top, a pair of sturdy trousers (NOT leggings!) and a pair of boots. Ideally footwear should be wellingtons or similar. If you don’t possess wellies you will need a sturdy pair of shoes and socks long enough to allow you to tuck your trouser bottoms into them. A baseball cap is also a good idea. Avoid wearing perfumes and aftershave as well as hair lacquer as these will stimulate an irate response from the bees.


If you don’t possess a bee suit and are visiting in order to find out whether beekeeping is right for you we will lend you a smock with bee veil. Please bring a pair of clean (preferably new) “marigold” style gloves. Our intention is to keep you free of stings but we cannot guarantee that you won’t encounter a cross bee, so the more covered up you are, the better.


On the third Sunday of each month between May and August we hold a “welcome” session, for those who have never been near a bee hive but are keen to know more and explore whether they would like to take up beekeeping. We will show you the very basics of preparing to open a hive and explain what we are going to do and why. You will need to contact either the Apiary Team Leader or Training Officer for details via the links below.


When visiting the apiary please be aware that parking will be an issue. The Parish Council insist that we do not park on the road, for road safety reasons. You need to pull your car right off onto the verge, at 90 degrees to the road.


NB: There are no toilet facilities at the apiary.

For novices who have completed the Beginners’ Course we run a programme of practical sessions designed to underpin the theory sessions that were taught during the course. Come to the apiary, wearing a clean bee suit and bringing a new pair of “marigolds” or similar and you will be supported in the process of doing routine hive inspections.


It is our aim to prepare all members to go on to take the BBKA Basic Assessment. (To qualify for this you will need to have kept your own bees for at least 12 months.)


It is our intention to improve the techniques of all our members, and for intermediate level beekeepers who have already taken the Basic Assessment there is a weekly opportunity to learn more advanced technical aspects of beekeeping, to underpin learning pivotal in the BBKA modular courses as well as to support those going on to take the more practical route to improve skills via the General Husbandry course. Contact General Husbandry via the link below.


Email: Website Enquiry&body=*** NBKA Website Enquiry ***


Email: Website Enquiry&body=*** NBKA Website Enquiry ***


Email: Website Enquiry&body=*** NBKA Website Enquiry ***

The apiary is on the right hand side of the road going from East Haddon to Ravensthorpe about half a mile from East Haddon.
Post Code: NN6 8BY   Grid Reference: SP666 685

Training - Apiary
Training - Beginners
Training - Intermediate

BeeBase Best Practice Guidelines are available from the National Bee Unit via the link below:

Best Practice Guidelines

Apiary Dates 2019

May 12, 19, 26

June 2, 9, 16, 23, 30
July 7, 14, 21, 28

August 4, 11, 18, 25

September 1, 8
(8th is last of season)