About us

About us

Whether you have found your way to this website because you have always been intrigued by bees, or have recently been alerted by the media to the need for us all to support wildlife, be that birds, bumblebees, or honey bees, you are looking for an answer.

The current trustees of the association are:

President: Brian Moore
Chair:  Richard Knott
Secretary: Mike Hall
Treasurer: Ray Goodman
Other Trustees:
Colin Dillon Davies
Neil Hallam
Hazel Goodman
Derek Holmes
Katarzyna Lundie
Mark Stockwin

Northamptonshire Beekeepers’ Association (NBKA) is a Registered Charity No. 295593. It was founded in 1882 and became a Registered Charity in 1987. Its primary objective is to “advance the education of the public in apiculture in Northamptonshire”

NBKA is a member organisation of the British Beekeepers Association (Reg Charity No. 212025) BBKA.

We are a member organisation – ultimately governed by its members through a committee of officers and other trustees elected annually at an Annual General Meeting.

Members with particular responsibilities

Hazel Goodman

Vice Chair

Richard Knott

Membership Secretary

Neil Hallam

Communications & Training Officer

Ray Goodman

Events Coordinator

Mark Stockwin

Sales Steward



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