Asian Hornet

The asian hornet

The Asian Hornet, Vespa Velutina, is currently one of the greatest threats to the well being of the honey bee.

If an Asian Hornet is found in the UK then a dedicated team from defra will attempt to locate any nest in the locality in an attempt to control this external threat to UK bees.

An attack by Asian Hornets can destroy a colony of honey bees in less than a day.

A fuller description of the threat and what you should do if you believe you have seen one are given on the British Beekeepers Association website.

Asian Hornet FAQ


See the feed below for the latest position from Beebase


If you are sure that you have seen an Asian Hornet then you should notify the Non Native Species Secretariat (NNSS)

Ideally sightings should be sent in via the Asian Hornet Watch app or the online recording form using the links below

Asian Hornet Watch app for android Asian Hornet Watch app for iPhone Online recording form for Asian Hornet

However, you can also email NNSS if you have a sighting.  Please send a photograph and location details to:

Do not under any circumstances disturb or provoke an active hornets’ nest.

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