Data policy

Data policy


In this document Northamptonshire Beekeepers’ Association (NBKA) is referred to as “we” and all others as “you”. This statement sets out how we will record and use your personal data. The data controller is NBKA who can be contacted at 8 Chestnut Avenue, Kettering and you can contact our DataProtection Officer at that address if you have any questions.

The types of personal data we collect and use

Whether or not you become a member we will record and use your personal data for the reasons set out below and if you become a member we will use it to manage your membership of the association. The personal data collected both directly and indirectly is set out below.

Your full name and personal details including contact information.

In the case of persons under the age of 18 applying for membership your date of birth and the contact details of a relevant person of full age.

The amounts paid by you to NBKA in respect of membership, insurance, magazine subscriptions, and charitable donations.

Where membership is linked ie between registered and partner members, and between registered and junior members, details of the link.

Details of BBKA organised examinations that are taken and the results obtained received locally by the local Examinations Secretary.

Details of local activities that you have volunteered to assist the association with.

Details of the number and location of hives if voluntarily provided by you.

Where members of the public attend courses, or ask us to contact them, their contact details.

Where charitable donations are made, details of the payee where volunteered.

Providing your personal data

Where the provision of data by you is optional we will ask for your consent to process it.


We will sometimes record and retain postal communications, calls, emails, social media messages and other communications in relation to our dealings. See retention periods below.

Using your personal data

We will process your personal data

To maintain the membership record of NBKA

To update your records

To contact you regarding the organisation and administration of the association

To advise you of our meetings

To advise you of matters affecting beekeeping

In addition

To provide information to BBKA to enable them to maintain their record of affiliated members.

To provide information to Bee Diseases Insurance Ltd (BDI Ltd) to enable them to maintain their record of insured members.

Sharing of personal data

We may share your data with

BBKA and BDI Ltd

HMRC in connection with Gift Aid declarations made by you.

Others where there is a legal obligation to provide it

Other persons only where you have given us a written authority to provide it . (Written includes by email where we have reasonable evidence that it is you who has sent the email)

Automated decision making

No decision regarding use of data is made without human intervention.

Retention periods

In the case of queries we will retain the data only as long as is needed to resolve the query.

In matters relating to membership and affiliation to BBKA for the 3 years previous to the current membership year.

In relation to financial and charity matters in accordance with our legal and regulatory requirements.

Your rights under data protection law

You have

The right to be informed about the processing of your data

The right to have inaccuracies corrected

The right to object to processing of personal data

The right to restrict or limit data processed

The right to have personal data erased

The right to request access to personal data

The right to move, copy or transfer personal data.

You have the right to complain to the address shown above, when your complaint will be investigated and if there is no agreement the matter can be referred to a NBKA committee of 3 trustees which will not include any officer of the association.

You also have the right to complain to the Information Commissioners Office. It can investigate compliance with data protection law and has enforcement powers.

Statistical Analysis

Your data may be converted into statistical or aggregated data which cannot be used to identify you and to produce analyses and reports.

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